Thursday, October 16, 2014

Are you still struggling to start your first blog?

Last week, I consulted a gentleman about making money online from creating a blog and building an audience in the niche he's targeting - right?

It's a fairly easy process to grasp according to the video above.

Anyway - this gentleman had paid me a large amount of money to coach him.

So I ask him how many leads he'd generated in the last week.  All I heard was crickets...

What about the last month?  Crickets again!

The fact was this guy had done nothing! 

He'd just bought stuff.  He'd gotten sucked into all the hype with a bunch of stuff but failed to do anything with what he'd bought.

That's a serious concern in our industry.

People mistake the act of buying with doing.  For example, lets look at a launch that's coming up in the coming weeks -the Source Phoenix SEO course.

Now there's a ton of launches and I just picked one off the calendar to use as illustration. There will be a build up for several weeks then they launch.

You'll have customers that buy but fail to implement the system.  Look, regardless of what strategy you go after - the one thing you must - I repeat MUST do is IMPLEMENT!

Stay tuned for more tips soon... 

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