Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Are you still struggling to start your first blog?

Last week, I consulted a gentleman about making money online from creating a blog and building an audience in the niche he's targeting - right?

It's a fairly easy process to grasp according to the video above.

Anyway - this gentleman had paid me a large amount of money to coach him.

So I ask him how many leads he'd generated in the last week.  All I heard was crickets...

What about the last month?  Crickets again!

The fact was this guy had done nothing! 

He'd just bought stuff.  He'd gotten sucked into all the hype with a bunch of stuff but failed to do anything with what he'd bought.

That's a serious concern in our industry.

People mistake the act of buying with doing.  For example, lets look at a launch that's coming up in the coming weeks -the Source Phoenix SEO course.

Now there's a ton of launches and I just picked one off the calendar to use as illustration. There will be a build up for several weeks then they launch.

You'll have customers that buy but fail to implement the system.  Look, regardless of what strategy you go after - the one thing you must - I repeat MUST do is IMPLEMENT!

Stay tuned for more tips soon... 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hangout Doctrine Review + Bonus

So Ryan Mckinney and Robert Stukes of Daredevil Marketing are gearing up to launch the Hangout Doctrine in April of 2014.

They are the brains behind the Hangout Daredevil - a tool that helps you to rank your Hangouts in the fastest time frame possible.

This new course is going to show you how to monetize Hangouts.

Assuming that you are not yet at any rate acquainted with the expression "Google Hangouts," then you may need to listen up for it. Google Hangouts is a free feature talk and texting stage secured by Google. It permits the clients to have eye to eye dialog one on one, or with a greatest of ten individuals at once. The potential outcomes that this brings to different social settings and to business chances are various. The Google Hangouts stage was started on May 15, 2013. It essentially reinstated three informing Google items which are actualized simultaneously inside it - Talk, Google Plus ambassador and hangouts. It has similitudes to Skype and Facebook feature talk. Notwithstanding, Hangouts concentrate on eye to eye bunch dialog rather than basically one on one feature visits. Google additions propelled innovation to flawlessly switch the center to the individual presently talking.

You might at your desktop, your smart phone, or even on an Android versatile mechanism, yet you can achieve such a variety of things with a Google home base. The clients may have a discussion between a few individuals, in addition to the visit histories are spared online and might be synchronized between two or more individuals. An individual can impart pictures, scratchpads, reports, and Youtube features which takes into consideration numerous techniques for correspondence. An alternate incredible angle is the on air emphasize that gives you a chance to have the ability to do a live TV feature discussion that can really be joined by any individual with a web brewer. This is something the business group is snatching onto.

Clients in a Hangout presentation shaded images in their messages. this permits the joint to have a great particular touches the individuals who are a piece of the assembly discussion can see entire the personas who a taking part in the home base and can convey to them.

There could be an universe of captivating discussions when somebody sees that their message has been perused and reacted to. Actually when your companion is not accessible at their PC and you endeavor to achieve them, they will recover a caution when they unite with the framework. This can keep the discussion string continuing for a long while. An individual can without much of a stretch backtrack to a discussion that they were having prior. Furthermore unquestionably the feature calls can make a Hangout a vivacious and a great deal more fun approach to collaborate. It can transform an one on one discussion into a live actuality to face feature visit with upwards of ten individuals who might be imparting business plans, simples companionships, memories, formulas, or any number of things they might want to discuss.

One great technique is that you call the telephones of your companions to make the welcome to a joint. They will get the Hangout welcome regardless of what sort of unit they are one. The telephone will ring while they aren't at their PC, they get the welcome, and afterward settle on the choice to join the fun. Additionally, individuals can join the continuous feature visit session right from their versatile apparatus. The Hangouts have surely opened up an entire new universe of creative correspondence that can incorporate anything from two companions imparting about the subtle elements of their day, a family who could be assembled for a feature examination, individuals praising extraordinary events or an elevated amount deals meeting where a businessman has a great deal hanging in the balance. Google Hangouts are here and with them, a considerable measure of correspondence force has arrived.